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Dry ash bulk machine

With the continuous increase in coal combustion and freight rates, the cost of ash return pumps continues to increase. The cost of using power plants and raw coal manufacturers has continued to increase. Raw coal manufacturers have worked hard to reuse pulverized coal to reduce production costs. The ash return device developed by our factory solves this well

Dry ash bulk loader is a device that automatically transfers dry ash from the warehouse to the dry ash bulk truck. The dry ash bulk equipment at the bottom of the warehouse is mainly composed of manual stick valve, electric fan valve, hoisting device, telescopic unloading device, dust collection hose, capacitive limit switch, and electronic control system. Users can also choose storage side clinker bulk equipment.

Introduction of dry ash bulk machine

LGSZ dry ash bulk loader is suitable for electric power, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. It can be interlocked with the feeding equipment under the warehouse to realize automatic control and high loading efficiency. In response to problems found in the use of similar products at home and abroad, our unit has made the following improvements:
1. The inner telescopic lower barrel is changed to steel structure, the life is 8-10 times longer than that of the cloth bag, the feeding resistance is reduced, and the output can reach 200 tons / hour.
2. The material full controller is changed from the original micro-pressure controller to the resistance-type material level controller, which overcomes the disadvantages of frequently affecting the control signal due to blockage.
The composition and use of dry ash bulk machine
Dry ash bulk loading machine is mainly composed of internal and external telescoping joints, electric drive mechanism, induced draft fan, pressure level gauge and base to form a complete production and loading system.
Dry ash bulk loaders are widely used in various dust collection and recovery devices assisted by the discharge openings of various dust collectors, bag filters, high-voltage electrostatic precipitators, etc., and have a wide range of applications and enterprises, such as large and medium-sized power plants and thermal power plants. , Cement plants, coal mines, chemical products plants, wineries, paper mills, corn development and production enterprises, dust extraction equipment, dust recovery and treatment supporting the use of foreign models to absorb the characteristics of advanced control technology features, developed and designed in accordance with China's national conditions New generation of packaging machinery.
Dry ash bulk loaders are mainly used in dry power precipitators, ash buckets or ash storages, slag storages for loading and shipping in thermal power plants. The dry ash bulk loader can be operated in interlock with the feeding facilities under the silo. When the material cart is full, it automatically stops the loading and realizes automatic control. The loading efficiency is high and the dust pollution is small. It is a bulk powder, granular material loading truck, ship. Ideal equipment.

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