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Material seal pump (dry powder conveyor)

The material sealing pump is introduced in detail: The material sealing pump adopts positive pressure pneumatic conveying method to convey powdery materials. It is suitable for the transportation of fly ash, cement, cement raw materials, ore powder, etc. in the power plant. The pipeline can be arranged according to the specific terrain to achieve centralized, Decentralized, high-level conveyance,

Material seal pump detailed introduction:

     The material sealing pump adopts positive pressure pneumatic conveying method to convey powdery materials. It is suitable for power plant fly ash, cement, cement raw materials, ore powder and other transportation. It can arrange the transportation pipeline according to the specific terrain to achieve centralized, dispersed and high-level transportation. The transportation process is not affected by climatic conditions, which can ensure that the materials are not damp, which is beneficial to production and environmental protection. Through long-term operation, practice has proved that it has stable performance, reliable quality and no dust pollution, and is an ideal pneumatic conveying equipment.

  Structure and working principle of material seal pump:
The material seal pump is mainly composed of four parts: a nozzle, a cylindrical pump body, a nozzle adjustment device, and a bottom vaporization device. The energy of the material sealing pump comes from two parts: one is the kinetic energy of the fan, and the other is the potential energy of the material column. The material column is high, the potential energy is large, the pressure is large, and the conveying capacity is correspondingly large, otherwise it is small.

The main technical parameters:

model Feeding tube diameter (mm) Conveying capacity (m / h) Air demand (free) (m / min) Required wind pressure (KPa) Motor power (kw) Conveying equivalent length
LFB75 108 1-3 3-9 40-98 3-15 30-500
LFB100 133 3-7 9-20 40-98 15-45 30-500
LFB150 159 7-13 20-36 40-98 45-75 30-500
LFB200 219 13-18 36-50 40-98 75-90 30-500
LFB250 273 18-25 50—70 40-98 90-110 30-500
LFB300 325 25-35 70-98 40-98 110-132 30-500
LFB400 426 35—45 98-130 40-98 132-220 30-500

Material sealing pumps are now widely used in finished cement transportation in cement plants and fly ash transportation systems in thermal power plants. Compared with the traditional powder conveying equipment (storage pump, negative pressure conveying), the investment is small and trouble-free. Gongyi Hongyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that develops, develops and applies material-sealed pumps. With its strong technical team, sophisticated processing equipment, integrity-based business style, in cooperation with the Academy of Electric Power Science, Environmental Science Research Institute and other scientific and design departments, developed a series of products. Please inquire about the details of the material seal pump, please call and someone will answer your questions. 24-hour hotline: Contact number: 0371-69573555 Fax; 0371-69574567 Contact person: Manager Yang Mobile: 13849069519

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