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About Hongyun
Gongyi Hongyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Gongyi City, a star city in Henan Province. Adjacent to the Yellow River in the north, Songyue in the south, National Highway 310, Lianhuo Expressway, and Longhai Railway run through the east and west. It is a treasure of feng shui that has been contended by the royal families of all ages.
Gongyi Hongyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and installation. A manufacturer mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of pneumatic conveying of powder materials and supporting equipment for ash storage. The pneumatic conveying equipment developed and applied by the company: material-sealed pumps , powder conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems for fly ash, pneumatic ash conveying equipment, powder Conveying equipment, furnace spray calcium desulfurization system, jet conveying pump, ash return pump, dry ash bulk loader, double shaft humidifying mixer, DMC bag filter and other pneumatic conveying systems and ash warehouse supporting equipment. Strong technical force, advanced technology and sophisticated equipment, the main technical staff and enterprise backbone have been engaged in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying for many years. Our company always adheres to the corporate philosophy that product quality is higher than everything, and user interests are superior to all. Based on the principles of seeking truth and being pragmatic and technological innovation, it is our mission to pursue the application of high-tech, new technology and new durable products in the building materials and power industries. , Developed and produced various pneumatic conveying systems such as LFB material sealing pumps , powder conveyors, low-pressure continuous conveying pumps , jet conveying pumps , complete sets of ash warehouse equipment, dual-shaft humidifying mixers , dry ash bulk machines , and automatic double-side warehouse bottom unloaders , Pulse bag dust collector , vacuum pressure release valve and other products have been widely used in power, cement, metallurgy, chemical, non-ferrous metals, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, each performance index is better than similar products, has won users Praise and trust.
The company implements dual reconstruction of computers and files for the products it sells, and performs reminder tracking services. We regularly visit users every year to deal with users' problems in a timely manner. "Technological innovation, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, co-development, mutual benefit and win-win" are the tenets of our enterprise. "Excellent quality, considerate service" is our eternal sincerity. Friends are wealth, and friends from all walks of life are welcome to inquire and examine.
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