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Technical Support
Gongyi Hongyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been providing customers with high quality and efficient services since its establishment. Our service is thoughtful, well-manufactured, and the price is satisfactory, which assures customers. "Customer-oriented" to provide customers with overall and comprehensive services; "Service-centric" to create valuable products tailored to customers. "Take quality as the center of gravity" and serve customers in all directions!
When it comes to product sales, the interests of our customers are our first consideration. Our service pursues refinement. From pre-sale consulting and enthusiastic services to recommended products on sale, we all demand refinement. Powerful design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical maintenance, non-scheduled return visits, strict quality assurance and fast after-sales service, each link has been carefully arranged to solve a series of customer worries.
The company strengthens the exchange and communication between the two parties. Not only does it hope to understand the customer's evaluation of the product, it is more important to enter a new era of service that "guides consumer consumption and reassures users"! Realize the needs of enterprises to be more efficient and low-cost, increase the market response speed, speed up technological innovation, strictly control quality, reduce production costs, benefit consumers, and seize more business opportunities in the rapidly changing competition. Create greater value for the society! Hongyun people are dedicated and dedicated. For decades, we have created our Hongyun brand. Without satisfied customers, there is no future for the company. Hongyun people must develop new technologies and products to meet customer needs, so that customer satisfaction reaches the industry. Level, improve our realm through excellent service, and become a model of success in the same industry. The company has a large number of highly skilled and service staff who are dedicated to serve you with a hundred times the spirit of 24 hours!

Before the customer purchases the company, the company sends engineering technicians to the user's unit for free to survey the site, design the best processes and solutions; after the purchase, the company will assign special after-sales service personnel to the site to guide the customer to install and debug, and assist the customer in planning and management Equipment until the customer is satisfied. The company not only has a highly skilled and experienced after-sales team, but also keeps up with the trend of the E era, pioneering e-commerce peers, implementing Internet sales, and tracking operation services in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shenyang, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Nanning Thirty-two offices in provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions not only made extensive publicity for the company's products, but also provided convenient services for customers after sales.


(1) Instruct customers to select the applicable equipment model.

(2) Freely send technicians to the site to plan the site, design the best processes and solutions for customers.

(3) Products can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of customers.

On sale:

(1) Strict inspection before the product leaves the factory.

(2) Organize shipments in accordance with the contract.

After sale:

(1) Assign special after-sales service personnel to guide customers to install on site.

(2) Commissioning and trial operation of equipment.

(3) On-site training of operators.

(4) After the installation of the complete set of equipment, leave 1-2 full-time technical staff to assist customers on-site production for 1 month for free until the customer is satisfied.

(5) When domestic customers encounter problems during the production process, our company's service personnel guarantee to give a clear solution within 24 hours, and rush to the scene for processing within 48 hours.

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