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Low-pressure pneumatic conveying material sealed pump for how to select fan of: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-05-29 08:51:57

Environmental protection and low-pressure pneumatic conveying material sealing pumps will cause some wear when any powder material is conveyed. For many years, the technical improvement of the Hongyun machinery manufacturer has made reasonable layer construction on the inner wall of the material sealing pump pipelines, which can effectively reduce the wear. Special mineral and chemical powder materials need good improvement especially on elbows and other parts in order to effectively reduce wear. Generally, for wear resistance, we need to use wear-resistant alloy parts to manufacture. This can also reduce frequent replacement of pipeline equipment and lower investment. cost.
The main power cost of the pneumatic conveying material seal pump comes from the air compressor. This equipment uses the rotating blades to supply wind to the material seal pump and dust collector. The power consumption of other equipment is relatively small compared to the air compressor. Hongyun Machinery's pneumatic conveying experts recommend that you use the air chamber for centralized air supply for the pneumatic supply of various equipment. The centralized air source can reduce the wear value of the system equipment, thereby reducing the cost of investing in multiple fans.
Factory construction pneumatic conveying material sealed pump This centralized gas source pressure is 600-700kPa, and the pneumatic conveying system requires only 100kPa. The centralized gas supply cost of using a material sealed pump is much more cost-effective than single gas supply because it is a gas supply chamber Supply air to multiple equipment, so for the wear and tear of the fan, you only need to pay attention to this fan. For the adjustment parameters of the fan and the reasonable layout of the plant construction plan, Hongyun Machinery ’s pneumatic conveying manufacturers have been for many years. Welcome you to call us for detailed consultation.
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