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Fortune powder conveying pump equipment shining in the pneumatic conveying of the industry: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-07-10 10:25:53

积极响应这一号召,从原料采购至生产加工,坚持走环保节能,安全可靠的可持续发展道路,鸿运机械本着绿色环保的发展目标而努力,为气力输送行业未来节能事业贡献力量。 Hongyun material conveying pump equipment actively responds to this call. From raw material procurement to production and processing, it adheres to the sustainable development path of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and reliability. Hongyun Machinery strives for the development goals of green environmental protection and contributes to the future energy conservation of the pneumatic transportation industry. Contribute. 操作过程中,我们要定期对其进行保养、维护,以促使设备更好工作,如在粉煤灰料封泵生产中,要注意:1、使用前必须认真做好检查保养工作,检查电机运转是否正常,检查保护零线是否合格,检查电机绝缘是否符合要求,洗料槽内有无杂物,不得重载启动。 During the operation of the fly ash sealed pump , we must regularly maintain and maintain it to promote the equipment to work better. For example, in the production of fly ash sealed pump, we must pay attention to: 1. It must be done carefully before use. Check the maintenance work, check whether the motor is running normally, check whether the protective neutral wire is qualified, check whether the motor insulation meets the requirements, and there are no foreign objects in the washing tank. Do not start with heavy load. 2. The fly ash sealed pump can only be fed into production after normal operation. If abnormal noise is found, it should be shut down and inspected in time. 3. Check whether the base of the unit is all solid and the foundation bolts are tight. 4. Fill the oil tank with the specified grade of mechanical oil into the oil level line. 5. Check whether the steering of the motor meets the pointing requirements. 6. A belt cover should be installed at the pulley to ensure the safety of operation and use. 7. Open the inlet and exhaust valve of the blower and turn the rotor of the fan. It should be flexible to rotate, without impact and friction.
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