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Pneumatic conveying equipment made in the market price advantage of: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-08-02 09:53:29

Pneumatic conveying equipment has a price advantage in the market, pneumatic conveying technology meets customer requirements, and all-round development of pneumatic conveying has gradually played an important role in foreign markets, leading the development trend and market basis of pneumatic conveying in foreign markets. 1 Law of particle motion, interaction between turbulent diffusion fluid phase and dispersion, interaction mechanism between solid particles and solid surface; 2 Research on macroscopic motion control of gas-solid two-phase flow in sulfide bed; 3 Non-linear fluidized gas-solid two-phase flow Research on dynamic characteristics; 4 Research on high-pressure dense-phase gas-solid two-phase flow control method; 5 Research on the relationship between gas-solid two-phase flow velocity and tube wall abrasion; 6 Intergranular body shape effect law; 7 Intrinsic powder Study on cohesion mechanism and fluidization agglomeration process; 8 Research on dynamic characteristics of complex geometrical and complex multi-component multi-phase flow; 9 Establishment of two-phase flow theoretical model, basic governing equations and closure conditions, discretization methods and discrete equations Solution and computer program research; 10 pressure drop calculation and resistance analysis during transportation.
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