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The working principle and structural characteristics of the flapper valve: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-08-23 10:44:09

The flapper valve is also known as a manual knife gate valve. A knife gate valve is a valve in which the gate and the valve seat are always in close contact and sealed. The principle is that a round port with a diameter is opened on the gate and opened and closed through the gate. Make the round mouth on the brake plate completely move away from and match the diameter. The advantage of this valve is that there is no groove in the valve body diameter, the medium will not be blocked and blocked, and it has full-diameter flow characteristics. Its sealing structure can be divided into soft seal and hard seal structure. The penetrating knife gate valve has the characteristics of precise structure, good workmanship, and compact structure. The sealed valve seat is designed with a movable structure and has anti-wear and automatic compensation functions, so it has a longer life. During the closing and opening process, the valve seat and the brake plate keep moving closely, which makes the opening and closing force of the valve stable and has the characteristics of cutting off the medium. Material of main parts: valve body and valve plate: stainless steel. Seals: Viton, bellows (shaft seal), nitrile rubber.
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