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Pneumatic conveying systems and intelligent automation into the mainstream of: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-09-13 10:30:44

There are currently two commonly used desulfurization methods: one is to use a circulating fluidized bed boiler for pneumatic conveying, and limestone powder is burned in the boiler; the other is to set up a separate flue gas desulfurization system behind the flue. The former limestone powder is transported by force. Before transporting limestone powder, you need to understand the physical properties of the material being transported. Pay attention to the following points when transporting limestone powder pellets: 1) Limestone powder has a higher bulk density than fly ash. Based on the experience of use, it is advisable to use a power jet pump as the theme. Transportation system of ash equipment. 2) Limestone powder has the characteristics of being vulnerable to moisture in the cold state. Pay attention to moisture-proof measures when planning. Store buckets should pay attention to heat preservation and allow hot air to enter the bottom of the powder storehouse to prevent moisture from agglomerating. 3) When planning the system, it is necessary to fully consider the difficulty of transporting the limestone powder and granules. It is necessary to leave a margin or increase it appropriately when planning the transport speed, mixing concentration ratio, gas consumption and output.
Gongyi Hongyun machinery manufacturer's pneumatic conveying material sealed pumps have gradually leaked their strong development momentum towards the high-end. The automation and intelligence of pneumatic conveying equipment have been greatly improved. At present, a new type of pneumatic conveying material sealing pump equipment with automation and intelligence has gradually replaced the single-type warehouse pump, and has become the mainstream development of pneumatic conveying equipment in the future.
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