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Pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Fortune has a rich design and manufacture of the author: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2018-10-22 09:24:05

Gongyi Hongyun Machinery Manufacturer is committed to the research of pneumatic conveying technology, has rich design and manufacturing experience, and can provide you with: the design and consultation of pneumatic conveying system engineering, the production and manufacture of pneumatic conveying equipment, the installation and commissioning, and the comprehensive improvement of the site. Process services. Environmental protection type low-pressure pneumatic conveying system: (The country's original production process has the advantages of mature, stable, high efficiency, low consumption, etc.). System features: 1. The system has a simple structure, flexible process layout, fully sealed, environmentally friendly and pollution-free transportation, and fully meets the quality requirements of environmentally-friendly projects for the materials being conveyed. 2. The low-pressure continuous pneumatic conveying pump is the core transmitter of the pneumatic conveying system. It has advanced structure, flexible layout, low wind pressure, low energy consumption, simple control, reliable operation, almost no maintenance and wearing parts. It is a new generation of pipeline. Pneumatic delivery pump. 3. The air source is Roots fan, and the system has high reliability. 4. Reasonable economy and low cost. The design of the low-pressure conveying system is simple and reasonable, and the project investment is low. The system runs stably and the indicators are superior, which is welcomed by the construction unit and the operation and use department. Environmental protection type low pressure pneumatic conveying pump The application of this equipment fully shows its advantages such as long-term effect, energy saving, environmental protection and stable operation. This equipment can be applied to: 1. Dry ash removal technology system of electric and bag dust collectors in thermal power plants; 2. Engineering construction systems of hydropower plants; 3. Raw material and clinker transportation process systems in the building materials industry; Powder material conveying process system; 5, powder material and light particle conveying process system in petroleum, chemical, food and other industries; 6, chaff conveying process system in food processing industry. 7. Dry ash transportation process system of biomass power plant.
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