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Hong luck conveying equipment to overcome the problem of clogged pipes: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2019-04-23 09:02:26

In the powder transportation technology, the problem of pipeline blockage, wear, static electricity, low transportation capacity, and high-concentration long-distance transportation difficulties are common problems. Fortune machinery manufacturers have made long-term technical breakthroughs. The pneumatic conveying equipment designed and manufactured in this way makes the powder form an "air powder slurry" during the entire conveying process, that is, the gas and powder are fully mixed and suspended and have high concentration atomization. They have the property of a solution in the pipeline, and have a horizontal pneumatic strength. Under the push, a state similar to that of liquid is generated, and the problem of clogging is basically eliminated, the material-gas ratio is increased, and the conveying speed is high, and the cost of consumables is reduced.
Pneumatic conveying equipment, the outer layer is the airflow layer, the inner layer is the airflow layer with a gas baffle, the pressurized gas enters the outer layer of the pipe and enters the inner layer through a class of small holes, and the airflow hits the inner gas baffle It then enters the conveying pipeline through the second type of small holes, and is fully mixed with the powder stream sent and atomized before being conveyed. For a cross section of a pipeline, the gas entering the pipeline from the periphery of the pipe converges in the center of the pipe, the pressure is relieved, and a gas film is formed near the pipe. The powder stream pushed by the gas under pressure and the The gas on the pipe wall is fully mixed and atomized to form a slurry-like stream. The movement of the stream in the pipe is similar to the movement of a smooth plane object, and the friction between them is almost zero. Due to the dense distribution of second-class holes, the pipe is basically eliminated. Clog problem.
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