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Notice of modification of bulk machine: pneumatic conveying system manufacturers Published: 2019-07-08 15:11:25

During the conversion process of the bulk machine, some problems need to be paid attention to. Before the conversion, the structural characteristics of the equipment, the use functions of each component, and the use requirements of the bulk machine in different industries need to be known. What should be paid attention to during the modification of the bulk machine. Bulk machine transformation plan: Machinery has been committed to communicating and communicating with customers for a long time. Not only does it want to understand the customer's evaluation of the product, it is more important to enter a new era of service that "guides consumer consumption and reassures users"! Realize the needs of enterprises to be more efficient and low-cost, increase the market response speed, speed up technological innovation, strictly control quality, reduce production costs, benefit consumers, and seize more business opportunities in the rapidly changing competition.
Bulk machine is a kind of packaging equipment. Commonly used bulk machines include clinker bulk machine, warehouse bottom bulk machine, and warehouse side bulk machine. Dry ash bulk loader is suitable for electric power, building materials, chemical and other industries. It can be interlocked with the feeding equipment in the warehouse to realize automatic control and high loading efficiency. In view of the problems found in the use of similar products at home and abroad, how can we make the dry ash bulk loading machine better? How to improve the start of ash bulk loader: One point: the inner telescopic lower barrel is changed to a steel structure, the life is 8-10 times longer than the bag, the feeding resistance is reduced, and the output can reach 200 tons / hour. Two points: The material full controller is changed from the original micro-pressure controller to a resistance-type material level controller, which overcomes the disadvantages of frequently affecting the control signal due to blockage.
The new technological innovation of the bulk machine promotes the development of the enterprise well. The performance and technical aspects of the bulk machine have been innovated. Only by continuously strengthening and improving the overall performance of the product can the product be sold well. The same is true of the bulk machine, which promotes the development of the company.
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