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Purification process and the structure of the dust-containing gas pulse bag filter: pneumatic conveying system manufacturers Published: 2019-08-22 10:09:27

The structure of the pulse bag type dust collector is different from the general bag type dust collector, mainly the fixed filter bag porous partition is in the upper half of the box body; a frame is installed in the filter bag to prevent the filter bag from being sucked by negative pressure; In addition, in order to increase the backflushing capability, a venturi tube is installed at the upper mouth of the filter bag; a spray tube is installed at the upper mouth of the venturi tube. Pulse spraying is a signal sent by the controller to periodically clean the filter bag through the actuator. Its dust removal principle is: the dust-containing gas enters the dust collection box from the air inlet, and due to the sudden decrease in speed, some of the heavy particulate dust is separated by its own weight and falls into the dust collection bucket, where the dust-containing gas continues to flow upward and gradually passes through the filter The bag, due to the filtering, collision, hooking and diffusion effects of the filter bag, captures most of the fine dust (filter bag dust removal effect). The clean gas purified by the filter bag converges in the filter bag. The tube enters the clean air box and is discharged from the clean air outlet. Due to the gradual thickening of the dust trapped on the filter bag, the pressure loss of the dust collector continues to increase, so the amount of treated gas gradually decreases. In order to stabilize the working condition of the dust collector, the blast cleaning system sprays compressed air into the filter bag according to the specified requirements to remove dust, regenerate the filter bag, and stabilize the amount of processing gas. The cleared dust falls into the dust collecting hopper and is continuously discharged from the body through the ash discharge device. The amount of treated gas before ash cleaning decreases with time, and the pressure loss increases with time. After cleaning, the amount of treated gas and pressure loss are immediately restored and can be stabilized within a certain range.
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