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Good technologically advanced humidification mixer overall performance of: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2019-09-24 13:38:16

Humidification mixer is also called fly ash humidifier. This equipment is used for wet mixing and conveying powder in ash storage of thermal power plants and other departments. It is also suitable for humidifying, mixing and conveying materials containing solid particles in chemical industry and mines. The two sets of spiral blade machines are evenly sent to the host, and the dry ash powder entering the mixing tank is forcibly mixed and stirred by the water supplied by the water supply device, and at the same time, the materials that meet the humidity requirements are sent to the discharge port.
Supplying a uniform wetting mixer, blade conveying, mixing hit humidification, the four parts constitute a vibration system, and with a dedicated electronic control and water supply system. The entire device is fixed on a base, and the cylindrical body is composed of four groups The vibration of the elastic member is supported by the excitation device, so during the operation in the machine, the cylinder is used for high frequency vibration, so that the cylindrical wall and the agitator shaft always maintain a certain gap, Thus, the running resistance of the machine is greatly reduced, and the elimination of the drilling machine is completed.
The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, good comprehensive performance, advanced technology, reasonable process, high reliability, good sealing performance, small water transfer wear, large processing capacity, long service life, continuous operation, and low failure rate. The spiral blade machine is sent to the host. The dry ash powder entering the mixing tank and the mixing tank is forced to mix with the water supply device to stir water. At the same time, the material that meets the humidity requirements is delivered to the outlet for discharge.
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