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Pneumatic conveying material sealed pump for your interpretation of the powder granular materials performance of its gas: pneumatic conveying systems manufacturers Published: 2019-10-21 11:04:29

There are various types of pneumatic conveying system configurations, which generally have the following functional advantages: 1. The size of the body is small, the layout is sensitive, and it is almost not restricted by the structure of the factory building and other equipment in the workshop. There are no special requirements for civil construction. The use of pneumatic transportation is more beneficial to the technical transformation of the old workshop. 2. High labor productivity, low labor intensity, greatly reducing dust flying, and good labor protection conditions. 3. The equipment is simple, easy to make and install, and the capital investment cost is low. 4. The operation is simple. The primary equipment is gathered at the beginning and end of the system, which is easy to complete the control automation. 5. It can prevent the material being transported from being damp, non-destructive, or mixed with foreign objects. 6. There is no material in the tube, and it is easy to clean, which is suitable for the combination of several materials. 7. Large transportation interval. 8. It can basically do quantitative delivery, which is convenient for production. 9. Chemically unstable materials can also be safely transported with special gases. 10. Other process operations can be performed at the same time during the transportation process or the transportation terminal.
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